About The IBL

The Integrated Biometrics Laboratory, IBL, was established in 1998 to research and develop state-of-the-art biometric applications with an emphasis on security and identification. The lab's primary focus is in the area of fingerprint identification with additional research being conducted in the areas of face recognition and speech recognition. The lab consists of several Intel (PC) and Sun stations for the purpose of biometric algorithm development. Each of these stations is equipped with the latest technologies for live biometric acquisition. There are six researchers involved in various research projects in the lab. The team involved in fingerprint identification consists of Dr. Adhami, the laboratory director and ECE department chair, and Mr. Peter Meenen and Mr. Mark Horton, two Ph.D. students. In addition, the IBL employs a consultant from the Huntsville Police Department, Danny Lamont, who specializes in forensic latent print identification. The work of the IBL has been noted in articles and news stories by the Huntsville Times and the NBC television affiliate in Huntsville, as well as the ABC television affiliate in Washington DC. Additional outside contract work involving the software implementation of the proposed solution will be performed by RP Technologies, a local Huntsville company.