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Name: Dr. John L. Stensby

Email: Telephone: (256)-824-6258

Description: Probability, Statistics and Random Processes including Autocorrelation, Cross Correlations, Power Spectral Density, Response of Systems to Random Inputs, Narrow-Band Gaussian and Shot Noise, System Noise Figure Analysis, Sequences of Random Variables, Series Representation of Random Processes, Markov Process System Models and Much More!

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Ch. 1 - 8 are EE385 class notes.

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EE385 Class Handout

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Probability

Chapter 2 - Random Variables

Chapter 3 - Multiple Random Variables

Chapter 4 - Functions of Random Variables

Appendix 4A - Change of Variable in Double Integrals

Chapter 5 - Moments and Conditional Statistics

Chapter 6 - Random Processes

Chapter 7 - Correlation Functions

Chapter 8 - Power Density Spectrum

Ch. 9 - 14 Are EE603 class notes.

EE603 Class Handout

Chapter 9 - Commonly Used Models: Narrowband Gaussian Noise and Shot Noise

Appendix 9A - Hilbert Transform

Appendix 9B - Poisson Random Points

Appendix 9C - Low-pass Equivalent and Analytic Signal

Chapter 10 - Thermal Noise and System Noise Figure

Chapter 11 - Sequences of Random Variables

Appendix 11A - Limit Supremum, Limit Infimum and Limit of a Sequence of Real Numbers

Appendix 11B - Limit Supremum, Limit Infimum and Limit of a Sequence of Sets (Events)

Appendix 11C - Summary of Results for a Nested Increasing Sequence of Sets

Chapter 12 - Mean Square Calculus for Random Processes

Chapter 13 - Series Representation of Random Processes

Chapter 14 - Markov Process Dynamic System State Model


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