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Review of elementary signals and systems including the Hilbert transform, cross and autocorrelation, power density spectrum and the Wiener-Khinchine theorem. Butterworth and Chebyshev lowpass filters. Bandpass signals and systems. The lowpass equivalent of a bandpass signal/system. Commonly used forms of linear and nonlinear modulation. Demodulation methods and circuits. Phase lock and frequency feedback techniques.


  • Delta, Unit Step Functions and Other Commonly-Used Signals
  • Power and Energy Signals
  • Generalized Fourier Series
  • Parseval's Theorem
  • Fourier Transforms
  • Relationship of Fourier and Laplace Transforms
  • Energy and Power Density Spectrums
  • Convolution
  • Correlation
  • Systems and System Attributes: Linearity, Time-Invariance, Causality and BIBO Stability
  • Ideal Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass Filters
  • Butterworth Filters
  • Chebyshev Filters
  • Hilbert Transforms
  • The Analytic Signal
  • Wiener-Khinchine Theorem
  • Systems Input/Output Crosscorrelation
  • General Bandpass Signal and System Theory
  • The Lowpass Equivalent of a Bandpass Signal/System
  • Symmetric Bandpass Signals and Systems
  • Carrier and Phase Delay of a Bandpass Filter
  • Double Sideband Modulation/Demodulation
  • Amplitude Modulation
  • Single Sideband Modulation/Demodulation
  • Frequency and Phase Modulation/Demodulation
  • Transmission Bandwidth of Modulated Signals
  • Carson's Rule
  • Superheterodyne Receiver Architecture
  • Basic Electronic Oscillator Applications/Theory/Circuits
  • Basic Phase-Lock Loop Applications and Theory
  • Frequency Feedback FM Demodulator

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Click Here - Readme First!
Click Here - Class Handout
Click Here - Chapter 1: Signal and Linear System Analysis
Click Here - Appendix 1: Fourier Transform Table
Click Here - Appendix 2: Butterworth Low-Pass Filter Design
Click Here - Appendix 3: Chebyshev Low-Pass Filter Design
Click Here - Appendix 4: First-Order Differential Equations
Click Here - Appendix 5: Three Interpretations of the Fourier Transform
Click Here - Appendix 6: Logical Statements in the English Language
Click Here - Chapter 2: Basic Modulation Techniques
Click Here - Chapter 3: Phase-Lock and Frequency Feedback Techniques

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