Communications Research Group

Reza R. Adhami , PhD, Professor and Chair
Field of interest: applications of digital signal processing in medical imaging, speech recognition, pattern recognition, data compression, and image processing.

Laurie L. Joiner, PhD, Professor
Field of interest: Modulation and coding schemes for wireless mobile networks

John Stensby, PhD, Professor
Field of interest: Communcation Systems and Signal Processing

Courses in Communication

EE-382 "Analytical Methods for Continuous Time Systems
EE-383 "Analytical Methods for Multivariable and Discrete Time Systems"
EE-422   "Design of the Digital Computer"
EE-426 "Communication Theory"
EE-500 "Random Signals and Noise"
EE-504 "Introduction to Data Communication Networks"

EE-603 "Random Signals in Communication"
EE-506   "Communication Theory"
EE-606 "Statical Communication Theory"
EE-642 "Data and Digital Communications"
EE-707 "Information Theory"
EE-726 "Decision and Estimation Theory"
EE-737 "Channel Characterizatons and Communication in Random Media"
EE-744 "Digital Communication and Spread Spectrum"
EE-745 "Modulation and Phase Locked Techniques in Communication"

Courses Notes

Contact Information
email: Dr. Reza Adhami
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, AL 35899
Phone: (256) 890-6316
Fax: (256) 890-6803