Optoelectronics Research


Richard Fork, PhD, Professor

Field of interest: design of lasers for beaming power at multi-megawatt levels from space to earth. One goal is to design lasers capable of handling this level of power for non-military applications that cannot be converted to military use. An experimental theme is examination of the influence of one-dimensional photonic band structures on short optical pulses (100 femtoseconds duration). Applications to optical beam steering are being explored. Experimental work is being carried out using a femtosecond modelocked Ti:sapphire laser and a regenerative amplifier for white light optical pulse generation.


Junpeng Guo, PhD, Associate Professor

Dr. Guo's research area is surface plasmon-polariton, nanophotonics and nanofluidics. He is interested in exploring new phenomena and physics related to nanostructures and constructing new devices. His group is currently working on ultra-long range surface plasmon-polariton waveguide, plasmonic crystal, surface plasmon resonance biosensors, nanofluidics, and super-resolution measurement and imaging.

Courses in Optoelectronics


OPE-451 - "Optoelectronics"


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