Current Research Experiments

Research Interests

Wireless and sensor networks, low-power and embedded systems, ubiquitous and mobile computing, biomedical signal processing, telemedicine, parallel and distributed processing.

mHealth, ambulatory health monitoring & Wearable Health Monitoring Systems Wireless sensor networks, Wireless Intelligent Sensors
  • High performance network coordinator ZigBee Advanced Processing Platform with Compact Flash interface
    (with John Gober and Reggie McMurtrey).
  • Wireless Intelligent Heart and Activity Monitor based on Telos wireless platform, ZigBee Body Area Network,
    and custom developed ECG_Telos daughter board (with Chris Otto and Aleksandar Milenkovic).
    Intelligent daughter board developed with the CPE495 senior design team: John Gober, Reggie McMurtrey, Steven Linthicum. Fall 2004.
  • Reconfigurable SpO2 sensor and the low-power reconfigurable processing platform.
    Developed with the senior design team #1 (Shane Basham, Drake Clark, and David Kelley) - Fall 2003.
  • Extremely low power computing - apple computers (2003).
  • Wireless Breathing Sensor.
  • Biomedical Wireless Intelligent SEnsor WISE early days (2000).
Visualization of brain electrical activity Physiological modeling, consciousness