Laurie L. Joiner
Associate Professor

Phone/fax/email Address
Phone: 256-824-6126
Fax: 256-824-6803
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Engineering Building 217-B
Huntsville, AL 35899

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Last taught

CPE 381 Signals and Systems for Computer Engineers Spring 2007
EE 382 Analytical Methods for Continuous Time Systems Fall 2004
EE 383 Analytical Methods for Multivariable and Discrete Time Systems Summer 2007
EE 414/514 Analog and Digital Filter Design Fall 2009
EE 424/504 Introduction to Data Communication Networks Spring 2010
EE/OSE 601 Linear Systems Summer 2000
EE 610 Special Topics in Coding Theory (Block Codes) Fall 1999
EE 610 Special Topics in Advanced Coding Theory (Trellis Codes) Fall 2000
EE 615 Analog Circuit Design Spring 2008
EE 642 Data and Digital Communications Spring 2010
EE 744 Coding Theory Fall 2007
EE 710 Wireless Communications Fall 2010

Research Interests

Some of this research was performed using OPNET network modeling software.


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