Igor Semenov (M.S., Summer 2020; first job: Cepton, San Jose, CA)
Thesis: An Implementation of ChaCha20 Stream Cypher in All-Programmable SoCs 

Github: FpgaCha


Mounika Ponugoti (PhD, Summer 2019; first job: Qualcomm, San Diego, CA)
Dissertation: Hardware Data Value Tracing in Multicores
Ranjan Hebbar Seethur Raviraj (M.S., Summer 2018; continues with PhD studies)
Thesis: SPEC 2017: Performance, Energy, and Event Characterization on Modern Processors
Prawar Poudel (M.S., Spring 2018; continues with PhD studies)
Thesis: Using NOR Flash Memory in Microcontrollers for Generating True Random Numbers


Ryan A. Cowart (M.S., Fall 2017; first job: Navigation Technology Associates, Huntsville, AL)

Thesis: An Implementation and Experimental Evaluation of Hardware Accelerated Ciphers in All-Programmable SoCs on Embedded and Workstation Computer Platforms

Mounika Ponugoti (M.S.,Fall 2016; continues with PhD studies)
Thesis: Techniques for Capturing and Filtering Data Value Traces in Multicores
Armen Dzhagaryan (PhD, Fall 2016; first job: Dynetics, Huntsville, AL)
Dissertation: A Framework for Optimizing Data Transfers Between Edge Devices and the Cloud Using Compression Utilities 
Amrish K. Tewar (M.S., Spring 2015; first job: MathWorks, Natick, MA)
Thesis: Experimental Evaluation of Techniques for Capturing and Compressing Hardware Traces in Multicores

Albert Myers (M.S., Spring 2014; first job: AMRDEC, Huntsville AL)
Thesis: A Binary Instrumentation Tool Suite for Capturing and Compressing Traces for Multithreaded Software
Mladen Milosevic (PhD, primary advisor: Dr. Jovanov, Summer 2013, first job: Philips Research North America, Briarcliff, NY)
Disseration: Energy-efficient Distributed Wearable Physiological Monitoring: Framework and Implementations
Armen A. Dzhagaryan (MS, Spring 2013, first job: Gleason Research Associates, Huntsville, AL)
Thesis: Performance and Energy Efficiency of Common Compression/Decompression Utilities: An Experimental Study in Mobile and Workstation Computer Platforms
John Stenmark (M.S., Spring 2010, first job: Dynetics, Huntsville AL)
Thesis: Program Execution Trace Compression Analysis Tool
Vladimir Uzelac (PhD, Spring 2010; M.S., Spring 2008; first job: Tensilica, San Jose, CA)
Dissertation: Algorithms and Hardware Structures for Real-Time Compression of Program Traces
Thesis: Microbenchmarks and Mechanisms for Reverse Engineering of Modern Branch Predictor Units
Austin Rogers (PhD, Spring 2010; M.S., Fall 2007; B.Sc., Spring 2005; first job: Dynetics, Huntsville, AL)
Dissertation: Designing Cost-Effective Secure Processors for Embedded Systems: Principles, Challenges, and Architectural Solutions
Thesis: Low Overhead Hardware Techniques for Software and Data Integrity and Confidentiality in Embedded Systems
Richard Tuggle (M.S.; Fall 2007; first job: People Tec, Huntsville, AL)
Thesis: Multiple Path Management Protocol For the Real-time Distributed Control of Sensors and Effectors
Chris Otto (M.S., Fall 2006; primary advisor is Dr. Jovanov; won 2nd award at Alabama Launchpad 2007; first job: Cofounder, President and CEO of Halo Monitoring, Huntsville, AL)
Thesis: An Implementation of a Wireless Body Area Network for Ambulatory Health Monitoring
Milena Milenkovic (PhD, Spring 2005; first job: IBM, Austin, TX)
Dissertation: Architectures for Run-time Verification of Code Integrity

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alabama in Huntsville, 301 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville, AL 35899